Friday, April 29, 2011

Why do we flop? So we can bounce back up to flop again. Someone's Movie Dad said that...

Well, the old design was a total flop. I just couldn't get half the design elements up to good enough standard. In the process I started watching Enterprise finally and really got into the set design, art direction, and CG involving Doug Drexler. Many episodes and much re-designing later and I came up with the following redress of my 3/4 Architects scale model of my office done ENT style.

The little black squares on the wall across from the doors are where square brackets will hang holding up some pipes going along the ceiling. These pipes will likely hide some lighting.


Also here are the panels I made to put in the room. I am currently working on getting them printed. FYI I [i]do [/i]have the real 3M bumpon buttons, the ones in the images are just for cool image reference.


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Problems & Major Redesigns

I have hit a solid and unpleasant wall in my ready room project. Some serious design flaws and a few test materials I had hoped to use have been found to be of far less quality than I had hoped. Especially since my budget is non-negotiable and virtually non-existent. I have to abandon some of my cost-saving design ideas and figure out some new ideas.

I am starting a complete redesign of the room (still using the desk I made and the TV-set up.) The changes to my room should be a major surprise, one which will have to wait until I have something significant to show you... I am re-doing a scale model too. :D

So until then, keep patient and vigilant.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Major Construction On Hold

Construction has been on hold due to the cold winter (my shop is in an un-heated garage) among other things. Been focusing on my droid and a few other projects.

I also am working on a re-design of my wall replicator to incorporate a stand-alone design element, standard wall-plug power for the lighting, use of existing materials re-purposing of existing elements, and extra storage beneath. More details to come as I finalize the design.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Desk Work.

I got some serious work done on my Ready Room Desk. It's made mostly from oak plywood. The top of the desk is 1" thick and the legs are 1/2" thick. Everything is screwed'n'glued. I will be sanding it as a next step, then I will stain it, paint what needs painting, and add some greeblies to trek-i-fy it.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

It has begun.

So I took Monday and Tuesday and cleaned the room and closet out. I reorganized all the tools and what not in the closet (more images to come) and I installed the wall mounted TV and entertainment components. It's a small TV but it serves well enough for the space. The foam pylon is only a very rough cut first pass. I used it to center the TV on the wall.

You can see that I have deviated from the model in the positioning of the pylons and the TV. I did this for a few reasons including access to the network cable I use to hook up the Uverse box.

I am currently working on the desk. The oak plywood on the saw horses in these pictures will be the table top. I am working out the details of it and will post about it here as it develops.

Here's the album again.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Heads-Up / News for the Weekend

The official clean-up and starting the re-build begins this weekend! I even took Monday and Tuesday off to have a little extra time. I have to finish up a project for a buddy on The Trek prop Zone to pick up on Saturday, then it’s no holds barred Ready Room work.

I’ve drawn out all my templating, redesigned the desk (adding a raised button pad to turn on and off a light source,) and even moved some of the decorative elements around in the room and figured out some lighting.

I have my first round of purchases price listed and sourced. First to go in the room will be the two side Pylons (slightly redesigned from the model), the TV Wall mount and shelf system, and organization in the closet.

If I have time, I will start on the desk. I will post some images of the desk design soon. It will be made from some nice oak plywood and will include some interesting design elements I found in my scrap bins.

So stay tuned for some updates with pictures after the weekend.